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Ready, Set and Go!

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Ready to learn about God in new and purposeful ways?

Ready to transform into God’s perfect flower, the dandelion? 

Then let’s Ready, Set and GO!


40 Dandelions was formed in the year 2020, the year of perfect vision! 2020 has not been perfect, and THAT is putting it lightly. When the pandemic first hit WE knew what we needed to DO to keep everyone as safe as possible. Early on I felt and heard from many about the frustration of not getting to church or to not be worshiping with others for God. Then I saw an image that said. God didn’t lose his churches he opened up one in every house! What evil does God uses for good. I knew I had to transform myself, as I have done many times…

My Story to Be Continued…

During this time, I was working to support doctors and patients with holistic pain relief and my job suddenly became obsolete. I had a few days of shock of what to do but my gut said there was “something more” and “to be still”. With the help of a few trusted friends, within 4 weeks 40 Dandelions was born. Our name even formed on the 40th day into quarantine! You will learn more about 40 Dandelions by staying tuned. The best way is to show you through the transformations of our writers as you learn more about God through their stories. We will get Real, we will show you our flaws, but we all know one thing. God always wins in our hearts and we pray in yours too!

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