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Holiday Table By Holly Bellomy

Some of our most treasured memories are those of meals shared with family and friends. It is wonderful to reconnect with those we haven’t seen in a while. Fellowship and laughter are good for the body and soul! To make my guests feel special and welcome; I like to add some details to the dining table. It’s fun to be creative with the place settings and linens. Mix them up and try something new. There are no rules. My favorite festive table includes the following: Plate Chargers: Wood, metal, silver, or cloth chargers add color and texture to the table. If you decide not to use a tablecloth, they protect the table from hot plates and messy drips. They are both pretty and practical! Placemats: You can use placemats with chargers or without. If you are a maximalist and like lots of layers, then use both. If you are a minimalist and like to keep things simple, use one or the other. Cloth Napkins: This is a must for a special occasion. Even if you’re serving pizza or sandwiches, bring out the cloth napkins. Some pretty, white linen napkins can be used for all holidays and occasions so I suggest keeping some of those around. Place Cards: Kids can create the place cards or you can purchase ready-made cards for each place setting. It’s great to get the kids involved and they are so creative and proud to participate. Think outside the box and try little gift boxes, small terra cotta pots, or other small items that you can use as place cards. Then your guests can take them home. Fresh Greenery or Flowers: Keep the floral arrangements low so that you can see your guests across the table. Keep it simple with the flowers or greenery; just enough to provide a little touch of nature and softness. Try to display flowers without a fragrance. Sometimes the fragrance can overpower the delicious smell of the food. Pretty Stemware: This is the time to bring out the pretty champagne and wine glasses. If your guests don’t drink champagne, fill the stemware with water, sparkling juice, or your favorite beverage. Stemware makes a drink taste better. Well, maybe that’s pushing it, but it does feel special to drink out of a long stemmed glass! Pretty Flatware: You can set the table with silver flatware if you have it and don’t mind polishing it, or you can use what you have. If you are in the market for a fancy set, I suggest stainless steel with a gold finish. Yes, it adds warmth and a touch of luxury. Unscented Candles: Taper candles and votive candles in combination or alone are inexpensive and quite festive. I like unscented candles because they do not over power the delicious smell of the meal, even if it’s pizza. A Little Treat: A sweet little treat on your guest’s plate is a thoughtful gesture. I like a wrapped, decorative sugar cookie or a piece of fruit such as an apple or pear. Pretty foil-wrapped chocolate is always a good option. Non-food items include feathers, ornaments, Table Cloths: Table cloths are nice but not necessary. They are great for a more formal setting. Although, you can make pizza feel more fancy when you serve it on a plate and tablecloth. Plates and Dishes: Last but not least, your plates and other dishes do not have to be made of china for a special feast. Use what you have. If you do have china, you should use it. Corelle dinnerware is great, too. Have fun and cherish the memories!

Holly Bellomy, CEO & Principal Designer | Holly Bellomy Interiors LLC

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