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Step by Step- Love Letter from God -By Laura McGraw

You may not always see how I am working in your life. But often I am showing you a glimpse, or a piece of the puzzle. As you see the next piece, then you can assemble the next one until the picture comes into view. It’s not about seeing the entire picture but stepping out into obedience and following My lead. As you step out, you will see Me work. When you step out, the next step will become visible. Look with your spiritual eyes and you will see the victorious outcome I have for you. The adversity you face now, is to build up your character, to help you see your identity in Me. For you have already become righteous, holy, and perfect in Me. You are a new creation, and I am teaching you how to walk in the new kingdom realities that were paid for with My Son’s blood. I gave you the kingdom, so you could be successful in this life. It relies on staying close to Me and walking with Me. It may seem unnatural at first, but you will learn to see My heavenly and spiritual kingdom as more real than what you see in the natural. Do not fear, for I am with you. If you ask, I will give you the kingdom and you will see My glory. You will see Me do miracles in your life. Just rest in Me. Make this a lifestyle, not something you do for a season. Pray and seek Me.

I will open your eyes and show you My glory.

I love you—God

Love Letters from God—Laura McGraw

Want inspiration, get 7 days of love letters!

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